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Adaaya Farm is the Largest Manufacturer and Exporter of Composable Areca Palm Leaf Plates. We offer unique Farm Produce and Specialty Products. We craft and brew Sustainable, Beautiful and Eco Green products and hope for a balance plant based future for all our fellow planet-i-zens!

Won the Prestigious ThinkBig Awards in Nov 2016 organised by International Women Entrepreneurs federation called Weconnect International.

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  • How did we start with Adaaya Farms?
  • How is this wooden look like Eco Palm Leaf Tableware made?
  • Where is Adaaya Farm Located?
  • How is our Fair wages, Trade Practices & Worker policy?
  • What is International Wconnect 2016 Award we had won?
  • Want to Partner with us?


World's most complicated problems have very simple solutions. The most grievous issue of our times- Single Use Plastics- is used extensively for Food Disposables across the Globe.

Disposables for carrying food has been in usage much before the advent of plastic in 1940s. In India, a variety of disposable are crafted from leaf and agro by-products. One such product is Compostable Palm Leaf or commonly known as Areca in India.

With advent of better technology and help from our Foreign Partners, we are able to produce elegant palm platters which is now being used in Wedding receptions, Catering and Restaurant.


These are Simple 5 Steps of Manufacturing Leaf Disposables & Food Boxes

  1. Adaaya Farm Collects the Fallen Leaf from 300 farmers around the factory.
  2. The raw leaf is brought to the factory on farmers vehicles.
  3. The Leaf is conditioned and curated for moulding.
  4. The ready leaf after preparation is put between heated moulds with appropriate pressure
  5. The baked plates and bowls are removed from machine and packed for shipping.


Adaaya Farm is based in Bhadravati in Karnataka. It is situated at a distance of about 255 kilometres (158 mi) from the state capital Bangalore. The town has a population of 151,102. Bhadravati derives its name from the Bhadra River which flows through the city. It was earlier known as Benki Pattana which in English means city of fire.

  Bhadravathi is part of "Malnad" or Rain Region of Deccan. Good rain & mild summer & winter nurtures much agriculture in the region. The farmlands of Bhadravathi produce Palm, Coconut, Coffee & Spices.

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How is our Fair wages, Trade Practices & Worker policy?

Adaaya Farm Factory manufactures PalmLeaf Plates & cups and based in an Industrial area at the outskirts of Bhadravathi. The farm factory draws on the women workers from neighboring local areas. Most of our women workers are bread winners of their family. All our workers received fair wages and medical benefits as per the rule of land.

Know more about these fiercely independent women of our farm factory:

Sasi: One of first joinees, Sasikala has an eye of quality. She is very careful in sorting all products as she knows that our clients love our disposable platters.

Dhana: Dhana is working with us over an year and she is one of best operators. She is fast and fastidious. Her rejection rates are low and finish is very good. She has 2 children who go to school and she is very happy to contribute to her family income.

Shivamma:She built her house with her own hands after her husband passed away early. She educated her children thereafter set her own path. We are happy to have her as a trainer to our operators.

Rukmini: Yet another self made woman of Bhadravathi, she is another good performing operator who showed us how to yet best out of each unit of raw material.


Adaaya Farm had participated in a very unique competition for Women Entrepreneurs. It was conducted by International Forum of We Connect International along with Govt of Karnataka. Find out more here.

18-Nov 2016 WE WON! Amazing isn't it? Thank you so much for your support & "Likes"! Kudos to the new era of Women Entrepreneurs!

 10-Nov 2016
Friends, thank you so much! We are SELECTED !! Wish us luck for next rounds!!

6-Nov 2016 Hey Friends! We have just accepted the BIG challenge! We have decided to take on the top shots of Indian business world !! We are participating in a competition where we will need to flight with the best!!!

Now, we know you are our true friend----Remember- friend in need....etc etc??

So, please "LIKE" our video below & help us WIN !!!!

WeConnect was a very special award for recognising Women Entrepreneurs across the globe. Participating and winning was one of the highlights for our manufacturing firm!

Want to Partner with us? Be our distributor/ Exporter.

Adaaya Farm exports Eco friendly Palm Leafware to different countries. We export both in Container load and small shipments.

We are looking for like minded Partner & Distributors who feels similarly about sustainability and keeping our planet free of choking disposables.

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