Sustainable Restaurant with a Conscience


In restaurant business eco sytems, reviews are playing one of the most important role. Many diners walking in through your doors are coming in after reading a favorable review and would have probably already checked your menu card available online. In this slice of time we are in; one of the biggest challenges is to connect to your customer’s heart so that they write great about your restaurant or cafe.

Well, guess what? “Sustainability” is a great idea for you to explore. Not only your Eco-sustainable efforts would warm up your diner’s heart, it would also go a long way to safeguard your bottom line. Eco consciousness will reduce waste and save precious dollars.

Here is how you can promote your Eco conscious restaurant:-

  1. Announce your “Green” Positioning
  2. Include Local Food and Menu Design
  3. Add composting bin in your yard. Use Earth Friendly Disposables
  4. Save Energy by Training and Maintaining
  5. Save Water

Step 1: Announce your “Green” Positioning at your restaurant. Ask your interior décor manager to tweak the message around the “Green Idea”

You may go a step further and ask your diner to
  1. Accept email receipts
  2. Give option for not using straws
  3. Dispose the recyclables into the properly marked and segmented compost bins.
Step 2: Food and Menu Design. Source as much as viable from local farms. You may also choose to mention the sourcing farm names on your menu. It would render a connection for the diner. Keep a seasonal menu column and introduce the vegetable or Item of the season. Your diners will look forward and plan their next visit to match your seasonal offering.

This effort will help you keep your stock low and hence reducing the wastage. New York produces 30% of trash due to Food waste.

Step 3: Add a Composting in plain sight. Talk about it with your diners. They will really appreciate your efforts. Use Earth friendly disposables like Adaaya Leaf Platters. Diners love natural alternatives of disposables.

Step 4: Save Energy: There are only 2 correct ways to get this segment right. Train and Maintain. Train your staff on saving the bills and get a maintenance schedule of all the equipments very well executed.

Step 5: Water- Water is fast becoming a very precious resources as our rivers are becoming dry and trashy. Replace dishwasher with natural disposables like Adaaya Leaf Plates. It will make your food look great and also save water for washing.

Besides, you must keep all taps at a low flow faucet. This will prevent loss due to over use.

All the very best in designing and positioning your new restaurant place!