Checklist for a Green and Eco Friendly Wedding

Simplicity and authenticity of your wedding makes it more personal. Huge wastage at weddings can be cut down with some simple tricks.

  1. Find a location which is close to most of the guest you really want to invite. Cutting down wastage on travel is one of the first things you can begin with. So, choose the location carefully.

  2. Fancy cards and invite are great to receive but in the heart very wasteful as soon they would be dumped into the waste bin. Go with an e-invite. Make a lovely video and invite your loved ones. It will be fresh and environmental friendly.

  3. Go for organic wine and local produce. It will taste great and would be a nice variety to mundane fast food.

  4. Plate on natural platter from Adaaya Disposables. They are unique made of leaf and will just merge with nature after the wedding is over. And what more, your food will look great on them. Check our wedding special offers.

  5. Dress up the table with bee wax candles and Jars. Check out the local thrift store for some great inspirations.

  6. If you need to do chair covers, rent it instead of buying.

  7. About that wedding dress: Buy a dress that you can wear later. If you would like to go for a different colour later, keep your options to die colour it into vibrant indigo or any other color of your liking. For the bridesmaids also try to buy something which they can use at alter date.

  8. Lastly, the trickiest part. Do you really want household items for your wedding as gift from your friends & family? If your answer is “NO”, try this

    1. Ask your guests not to bring any gifts as you both already have everything you need

    2. If they insist on giving something as a token of love, ask them to contribute “money” into a pool for funding honeymoon after your wedding! This may sound really weird but would do a lot of good as you would not need to swap the unwanted gifts around!
All the best and do share you experience of planning your wedding with us!